At Solutions of Savannah, we provide a range of services designed to help those addicted to opioids succeed in recovery and gain the resilience and skills needed to continue with a drug-free lifestyle. We begin treatment with the goal of ending all use of illicit drugs so that addicted persons are free to make additional changes in their lives that will facilitate, or help with, recovery. Once drug use has ceased, it’s important that those receiving treatment follow their treatment plan and participate in counseling and therapy to help them make vital life changes that will allow them to live a life free from active addiction. While your physical health is the first priority when beginning treatment, mental health is a crucial aspect of successful recovery and our team is dedicated to helping you by providing the support services you need to succeed.

Services provided by Solutions of Savannah:

  • Opioid Medically Supervised Withdrawal

  • Detoxification Services (30-Day to 180-Day)

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (Methadone and Suboxone)

  • Minor Medical Services and Referral Service

  • Trauma Informed Care (Seeking Safety)

  • Laboratory Testing

  • Urine Drug Screening

  • TB testing

  • Physical Examination

  • Substance Abuse Assessment/Evaluation

  • Individualized Treatment Planning

  • Evidenced-based Treatment (Cognitive Behavioral Treatment and Motivational Interviewing)

  • Individual Counseling

  • Group Counseling

  • Budgeting

  • Vocational counseling

  • Smoking Cessation

If you are struggling with addiction to opioids like heroin or prescription drugs, contact us today for a free phone or face-to-face screening with an SoS counselor.

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